• Lead Generation
    is Our Business

    More than 1 million leads and sales happen on our network every year. Simply Media Publishing LLC uses proprietary word class technology for tracking, managing and growing your business whether you are an Advertiser or a Publisher....

  • Extensive Reach
    Cluster Based Profiling

    We access over 70% of all UK residents who browse the web or have an email account. We use intelligent based clustering combined with logical creative targeting to get through to consumers at a timely point in their likely buying mode.

  • Advanced
    Multi Channel Tracking

    Through our network division: SimplyCPA.com we provide a multi channel marketing platform. Advertisers can generate sales and leads from Email, Display, Search, TV, Radio, and Bespoke Discount Codes.


Welcome to Simply Media Publishing

UK Lead Generation Is Our Business 

Simply Media Publishing LLC has offices in California, London and Cape Town. We have been in the lead generation industry for over a decade and have specialised in financial services. We have a long history and experience in providing our buyers and merchants with high converting, quality leads and through the strength of these relationships, we have an outstdaning affiliate network of well rewarded publishers.

  1. We use our affiliate network, SimplyCPA.com to reach over 70% of the UK population. 
  2. We ensure payouts to affiliates are amongst the best (if not the best) in the UK
  3. We are never greedy, both our lead buyers and affiliates get a good deal, we take the slimmest of margins to make it back out for everyone.
  4. We also operate a range of branded sites such as www.latestremortgagedeals.co.uk & www.simplyfinance.co.uk
  5. We have over 500 buyers depositing budgets with us each month, meaning we always aim to have demand for leads.

For Advertisers

  • Live Leads That Make You Money Sent In Real Time, Engage The Consumer Within Seconds of Making The Enquiry.

  • Email, Display and Social ChannelsOver 70% Reach of All UK Internet Users

  • Database ProfilingNo Wasted Impressions or Visits.

For Publishers

  • Top Paying Rates Per LeadWe Reward and Bonus Volume & Quality

  • Fast PayoutsTier 1 publishers can get Net-15 terms. Standard terms are Net-30

  • Exclusive & Fresh OffersNew offers available every month

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