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Pay For Sales

Are you fed up of wasting money on Pay Per Click campaigns that require your business to take all the risk? The online advertising world is changing. Sophisticated tracking technologies are now widely available, there is no need to pay for advertising without it being based on performance.

Huge Reach

We have full access to over 70% of all UK consumer email addresses, landline numbers, mobile numbers and mailing addresses as well as a huge base of web based publishers - giving you access to all the right consumers at the right time.

Advanced Technology

SimplyCPA means, in simple terms, you only pay for the result you require. Whether it be in the form of a sale or a qualified lead, our systems allow you to measure, monitor and grow your multi channel marketing activities. It doesn't stop there, we are not restricted to just online. You can place adverts and offers that can be used online, in the press, on the TV, in email, on the radio and more. We have the ability to track clicks, links, telephone numbers, leads and voucher codes.

Guaranteed Compliance and Brand Messaging

We manually track and monitor every publisher and have a rigorous approval policy that is carried out daily. Furthermore, we strengthen our compliance policies through our unique IO (Insertion Order) campaign technology, which gives total control and measurement on a granular level, by publisher.

Our UK office is:

17-21 Garrick St, London WC2E 9AX

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Our Locations:

Santa Monica Office: 2045 S Barrington Ave. Suite A Los Angeles, CA 90025
Cape Town Office: cnr Oakdale and Edward Str Selective House, Unit 201 Cape Town 7530
London Office: Fourth Floor, 17 - 21 Garrick Street, Covent Garden. London WC2E 9AX

  • Top Paying Rates Per LeadWe Reward and Bonus Volume & Quality

  • Fast PayoutsTier 1 publishers can get Net-15 terms. Standard terms are Net-30

  • Exclusive & Fresh OffersNew offers available every month

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